HERS Breast Cancer Foundation Walk/Run

Fremont, CA

Campaign Information


Top Individuals

Funda Dervisoglu $3,861.26
Don Briones $656.70
Patrick Ng $508.19
Kenneth Trant $398.82
Kim Bartleson $377.33
Tina Fernandez Steckler $320.42
Trista Tookey $218.72
Connie Nieva $213.09

Top Teams

Team Nancy $1,016.91
Mini-Me $613.09
JMADAR Chapter $210.21
Shilpa's Warriors $53.51

Don Briones

My name is Don Briones, and I am a board member and the treasurer for the HERS Breast Cancer Foundation.

I am dedicating my fundraising this year to several friends and coworkers who were reccently diagnosed with breast cancer and other cancers, and received treatments and procedures for their specific conditions. They are all courageous individuals, and I know they have the strength to beat this terrible disease.


My Contributors

Anonymous $100.00
Earl Armas $50.00
Ron Yaw $106.70
Jason Lee $100.00
Matt Morgan $50.00
Molly Acton $50.00
Raul Gorospe $100.00
Lou McGee $25.00
Anonymous $50.00
James Garber $25.00