HERS Breast Cancer Foundation Walk/Run

Fremont, CA

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Top Individuals

Funda Dervisoglu $3,861.26
Don Briones $656.70
Patrick Ng $508.19
Kenneth Trant $398.82
Kim Bartleson $377.33
Tina Fernandez Steckler $320.42
Trista Tookey $218.72
Connie Nieva $213.09

Top Teams

Team Nancy $1,016.91
Mini-Me $613.09
JMADAR Chapter $210.21
Shilpa's Warriors $53.51


Hello Everyone,

 It's that time of year again where we take time out of our busy schedules to focus our attention on a problem the impacts way too many of us and/or our loved ones. It's time for the HERS walk for Breast Cancer.

While I'm walking by myself this year, I'm not really walking alone. I'm walking with all my friends who have been affected, either personally or those close to them, by Breast Cancer.

If you or someone close to you has been impacted by Breast Cancer and you would like me to, I would be honored to put their name on my shirt, using the cute 'Pink Footprints' available, and wear their name during the walk. I know not everyone can afford to donate, and that's ok, it isn't necessary for you to donate for me to carry a name for you. I know that the number of people impacted by breast cancer is enormous so if I end up wearing so many names it looks like I'm wearing Bat Girls cape, that's fine by me.

So if you can, I would very much appreciate it if you could support me by donating to this effort. 

Thank you,


My Contributors

Ralph Locher $25.00
Name Undisclosed $10.00
Stacie Appel clair $53.51
Crystal Trant $20.00
Chanda Unmack $26.91
Penny Trant $159.89
Ruth Poole $50.00
Ken Trant $53.51