HERS Breast Cancer Foundation Virtual Walk/Run

Fremont, CA

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Funda Dervisoglu $6,650.28
Gulu Sakhrani $694.14
Barbara Kling $378.62
Kirstin Litz $213.09
Raymond L Smith $176.89
Mike Dunn $53.51

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2020 has been quite the year and I hope you and your families are all doing well and staying safe and healthy.  Cancer does not take a break during a pandemic and I hope that by sharing my family's journey it might inspire you to help donate and help others.

My mother was diagnosed with HER2 breast cancer on July 9, 2014. My world flipped upside down and inside out.  How can this be happening to my mother?  Will she survive?  Cancer does not disriminate and is a formidable disease.  My mother went through a year of treatments that included chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.   I am grateful to say that she is a survivor!  I recognize not everyone's journey ends this way.

During her year of treatment, I watched countless patients checking in for their treatments during their courageous battles.  There are many things that patients need during treatment, ranging from medicine, wigs, compression sleeves, bras, financial and emotional support and on and on.

Every dollar we can collectively raise will go to help someone in their time of need. There is no donation too small.  EVERY DOLLARE MAKES AN IMPACT.

I'd be honored if you would help me in raising money for those of us less fortunate.
Together we can make a difference.


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Anonymous $26.91
Allison Dacey $50.00
Kerrie Michaud $106.70
Ellen LaRosa $53.51
kellee reed $21.60
Nicole Buckland $53.51
Ozceri Family $266.28
Nafize Okter $53.51
Tim Gordon $106.70
Ergin Dervisoglu $159.89
Anonymous $50.00
Rigo Rodriguez $106.70
Dan and Sandy Burton $106.70
Carmen Perez $53.51
Name Undisclosed $200.00
Jazmin Diaz $100.00
Danielle Fisher $50.00
Leslie Thiel $25.00
Staci Pendergast $50.00
Carol Zhang $60.00
Laura PATTON $106.70
Denielle Hernandez $80.11
Tina Ramirez $106.70
Mary Pat Reilly $21.60
Willie Hagan $106.70
Joelle Maldonado $159.89
Eric Rushbrook $266.28
Djuki Muliawan $100.00
Kimberly Jones $53.51
Anonymous $200.00
Sandy Gilman $25.00
Karen Jackson $26.91
Lorelei Capuzzi $25.00
Prasad Pelala $100.00
Dale Sandford $100.00
Name Undisclosed $53.51
Yvonne French $532.23
Amit Patel $106.70
Allen Kuceba $53.51
Anonymous $26.91
Robert Clark $100.00
Jason Ledgerwood $100.00
David Razzaboni $25.00
Rich Reed $26.91
Jo Anne Albertsen $106.70
Anita Jindal $100.00
Steve Cloughesy $106.70
John Nystrom $106.70
James Broderick $213.09
Frank Baldan $100.00
Funda Dervisoglu $1,500.00