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Funda Dervisoglu $5,666.04
Gloria Poole $1,249.14
NSaraogi $907.11
Suzanne Masukawa $900.53
Frances Freska Griarte $723.07
Christina Higashida $402.02
Kristin Spitz $301.91
Cindy Wasson $133.61
Maria Devassy $106.70
PATRICK NG $100.64

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Thank you for considering a donation to my HERS breast cancer organization fundraising page.  Breast cancer is a cause near and dear to my family and my mother is a breast cancer survivor.  We feel very fortunate that she survived cancer and know that cancer claims the lives of many people.  It does not discriminate.

Watching my mother go through her journey left me feeling like I needed to do more for the community of breast cancer patients.  Cancer is a ridiculously tough journey for anyone to go through and they shouldn't have to do it alone.

Please help me in raising funds for those who are not so fortunate and are going through their cancer fight!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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Tim Gordon $100.00
Ellen LaRosa $50.00
kerrie Michaud $50.00
Tina Ramirez $106.70
Nancy Kornblum $100.00
Laura Patton $106.70
Rich Reed $106.70
Anonymous $26.91
Jennifer DiCandia $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Danielle Fisher $50.00
Staci Pendergast $75.00
Matt Duke $100.00
Hochan Chung $100.00
Carol Zhang $53.51
John Nystrom $100.00
Name Undisclosed $25.00
Name Undisclosed $53.51
Nicole Buckland $53.51
Name Undisclosed $266.28
Allen Kuceba $106.70
Name Undisclosed $53.51
Allison Dacey $100.00
Sandy and Dan Burton $106.70
Funda Dervisoglu $1,750.00
Hülya Sen $159.89
Joelle Maldonado $213.09
Yvette Petersen $100.00
Frank Baldan $150.00
Jason Ledgerwood $106.70
Amit Patel $106.70
Holly Johnson $106.70
Cigdem Dervisoglu $532.23
Ferah Kutlu $100.00
James Broderick $100.00
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