HERS Breast Cancer Foundation Virtual Walk/Run

Fremont, CA

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Top Individuals

Funda Dervisoglu $6,650.28
Gulu Sakhrani $694.14
Barbara Kling $378.62
Kirstin Litz $213.09
Raymond L Smith $176.89
Mike Dunn $53.51

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Dear friends and family,

I am doing a 10k walk on Saturday, September 26th to raise money for the Her's Breast Cancer Foundation. They are an amazing team that uses the monies donated to a breast cancer patient and her or his needs. My sister Molly will be walking with me on this virtual walk:)

Thanks in advance,

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Name Goal Amount Raised
Laurie Higgins $0.00 $0.00

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Liz Martino $106.70
Stephanie Junio $106.70
Sydney Piaia $26.91
Linh Martinez $106.70
Galvan Debra $50.00
Name Undisclosed $25.00
Teri & Frank Drasby $200.00
Jee Hamlyn-Harris $50.00
Joanna Becker $50.00
Jane and Ray Ortiz $100.00
Laurie Higgins $100.00